USC TX + Total Global Sports

USC TX has partnered with Total Global Sports the top college profile system for players on the market. USC TX is completely green meaning that all recruiting will be done through mobile apps and or the website for college coaches. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you have activated your player profile account that was sent to you by TGS. It is completely FREE for all players.

What is great about the TGS system is you have a profile that is yours for your whole career as a youth player. There is no need to create another profile. TGS provides you with a robust profile, access to thousands of colleges, and a full college resource center to help with your recruiting needs.

Total Global Sports -

What To Do Next

Activating Your Account

  • Make sure your manager or coach has added you to your team event roster with the correct email address for you.
  • Once added, an email link will be sent asking you to activate your account with TGS.
  • Activate your account by creating a password.
  • Download the Player App – Click Here

Update Your Profile

  • Make sure to update your Grad Year (Colleges needs this information to know if they can communicate with you)
  • Add your GPA and your photo if it has not already been added
  • Update your personal contact info and any additional info

Last Steps

  • Select ‘My Game’ tab in your account. Once schedules are posted, update your game status and game notes.
  • Contact colleges by clicking on the ‘College’ tab in your account and messaging them.

Need Help?  Check out TGS’s Help Pages for Players – Click Here