USC Annual Member Meeting (AMM)

The United Soccer Clubs Annual Member Meeting (AMM) is scheduled for TBD

All Member Clubs are strongly encouraged to participate in this important event. The Agenda and Schedule of Events will be sent out and posted on the USC website as soon as they are finalized. Some of the items that will be discussed during the meeting include:

Player / Coach Registration, League Play Formats, Cup Competitions, Discipline & Card Tracking, Scheduling & Re-scheduling procedures, Election of Board Directors, By-Law / Rule Change votes, among others.

Four (4) of the USC Board positions are up for election this year: Directors #2 East (currently held by Adam Girdlestone), #4 East (currently held by Mark Rufo), and #6 West (currently held by Aaron Metzger) and #7 West (currently held by Stephen Ferguson.)

To assure that your Association is in good standing, please make sure that all fees due from 2022-23 seasonal year have been paid prior to the meeting.

Per the USC Bylaws, Article IV, Section 6, only Member Clubs who are in good standing and have a minimum of 10 teams registered with the league during the 2022-23 seasonal year are eligible to vote at the AMM.  Team counts will be based on the number of teams each Club had registered with USC during the 2022-23 seasonal year.  Each eligible Club has one vote.  Votes are cast by the Director of Coaching of each Member Club or their designee as authorized by written proxy and presented via e-mail prior to the meeting.

If there is an item you want to request be added to the agenda, please send the request to

It is strongly recommended that each Member Club read and familiarize themselves with the USC Bylaws prior to the meeting.  A copy of the Bylaws can be found under resources.

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