Upcoming Board Elections 2021

United Soccer Club 2021 Board Elections

Four (4) USC Board positions are up for election in 2021.  Directors elected to the Board shall be individuals with a level of soccer administrative and technical experience, leadership, and integrity required to fulfill the duties of the Board.

Member Clubs may submit candidate nominations for any open Board position to tmorrow@eddoa.org no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.  The Board will review all nominations and select at least one (1) proposed nominee for each open Board seat.  The Board will submit the proposed nominee(s) to the Member Clubs no later than ten (10) days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.

The open Board positions for 2021 are:

Director #2 East (currently held by Adam Girdlestone)     Director #4 East (currently held by Danny Hill)

Director #6 West (currently held by Aaron Metzger)         Director #7 West (currently held by Daryuosh Yazdani)

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